One thing that’s pretty awesome about the UK is the fact that they really like their holiday time*.  Included in my 12 month contract are 29 days of paid holiday. I’ve used 17 so far (2 weeks back home, a long weekend in Paris, and 1 week in Morocco). I’ve had my 12 remaining days approved and I cannot wait for the holidays to begin. The first five are being used for a trip to Italy with my parents, where we will be flying into here:


and then heading here for a couple days:


And ending the holiday at this beautiful spot:

Cinque Terre

In May I’ll be comparing the Turkish Bath with my experience in a Moroccan Hammam with my sister, Nicole:


And a couple weeks before that, Martin and I will be taking a mini break to either here:


or here:


I’m feeling a little partial to Venice, but it’s probably because I’ve chosen a more romantic photo.

I’m trying to focus on these holidays instead of the 13th of June when my 2 year visa expires. Everything after that point seems super scary and I’m trying to avoid the stressful reality of the many questions that will need to be anwered when I am forced to return to Canada. I don’t have the answers yet. I’m hoping that they will reveal themselves to me at some point in the next few months, but what I do know is that no matter what happens, the choices I make will be very hard. So for now, I have Italy, Turkey and possibly Spain to look forward to.

*perhaps not so much as certain other countries in the EU, like, ahem, Italy, or France



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2 responses to “Holiday…Celebrate!

  1. Cinque Terre and Ischia are two of my favorite places. If you do happen to go to Ischia, the Ring Hostel there was great, if you go ask the staff to take you to their family restaurant. They also took us to hot springs on the beach at night when the timing was right so the water was the right level…

    I’d vote for Venice over Barcelona personally, if you haven’t been to either.

    Venice was great 🙂

  2. Tegan

    Soooo jealous about the holidays!!! It’s going to be amazing! Not so jealous about the visa situation though. I have faith that it will all work out though 🙂

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