Bangs, also good for…

Hiding a puffy left, top eyelid.

Yeah, not sure what’s going on there but I noticed that I had an extra puffy ‘fold’ in my left eyelid before bed last night, which is still present today. It’s kind of itchy and feels…weird (it’s not a bump, like a sty, but just a general puffiness and pinkness). I might drop into the clinic tomorrow since I don’t start work until 1:00. Here’s hoping it just goes away on its own accord, although I have a feeling this won’t happen because, apparently, the universe is out of bones to throw at me at the moment. I feel as though I must also mention that as well as the puffy eyelid, I woke up with a scratchy, sore throat, two nasty zits (that my bangs cannot hide ’cause they’re on my freaking chin), and a bad attitude.


This calls for a hot shower, flannel pjs, and an early night to bed. Tomorrow will be better.


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