Freaky Friday

Today, has been one of those days when I all I can do is shake my head and smile.

On the journey to work this morning, three young men in suits got on proudly carrying cans of Red Bull. They looked…rough and loudly chatted about the shenanigans from the night before; going on about getting into the VIP lounge, laughing at the black club stamps on their hands that were now incriminating smudges, sunglasses hiding their presumably bloodshot eyes. When I caught the eye of a fellow female passenger we just smiled and shook our heads. Oh, boys.

When I got back from the pub lunch (which, in itself, involved a lot of smiling and head shaking and an awkward incident that left me feeling as though I hurt someone’s feelings, albeit very unintentionally, and am now not sure how to rectify it without giving the wrong impression (again!) and perhaps causing more hurt…or, I could just be over thinking this? Hmm…yes, I am being sort of cryptic here, eh?), the electrician for the 5th floor toilet renovation hands me a huge bouquet of flowers to thank me for being so sweet and accommodating to the renovation crew this week. I am hoping that his story is true and that it was from the crew and his boss and not from him alone because then I would have an awkward situation on my hands. I am going to believe that it was just a ‘thank-you’ and nothing else. Even though 5 minutes later he returned to give me his number, ‘just in case there was an electrical emergency and we needed to contact him’…yup, I am taking his story at face value and that’s that. All of the guys in the office have been taking the piss when I tell them, though. Cheeky buggers.

The bouquet

The bouquet

Here’s something that just makes me smile and, to be honest, ridiculously excited. Actually, it is also a freaky coincidence because just last night my sister and I were chatting about various bloggers that we would love to meet. One of them was the very cool and wonderful Melina . My current temp placement only allows partial internet access, letting me on a very limited amount of blogs.  Luckily, one of them is Melina’s. I’ve spent hours this week going through her old posts from years ago re-living the Drk crush months and the beginning of her relationship with her husband John (so if you’ve noticed someone in London spending a stalkerish amount of time in your archives recently, it’s me!). She just left a comment that she and her husband, John, might be coming to London! Yay! Pints are on me!

I’ve been invited by one of my flatmates, Dan the man, to a roller disco tonight, but all of today’s excitement has left me a little more knackered than usual on a Friday afternoon. I think the boogie in my booty needs an early movie night tonight. Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “Freaky Friday

  1. Teg

    What’s “taking the piss”? 😉

  2. Hey Tegs, it basically means “to mock, tease, ridicule or scoff someone” in British speak. One of them said that I probably sent them to myself to make myself look special…little shitter!

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