Love life: Update

I’m dating 5 men simultaneously.

They don’t know about each other. And I don’t intend on telling them either. They are all quite different in shape, size, geographical location, and cultural background. Sometimes, I even book dates with them on the same nights. I like to live dangerously.

They don’t have my number. I call them when I want them. And they’re always available. In fact, they are perfect in every single way.

Perfect? MEN?! Say whaaat?! 

Ha! Alright. These are fantasy relationships, but all these men are real, live, specimens that I am high school-ishly crushing on at the moment.

I haven’t had a real crush in years.  Apparently London has reverted me to a pre-pubescent, giggling, daydreaming, heart doodling, teenage girl currently experiencing crush overload.

I am also prone to developing 10-30 minute crushes on the tube. However, I am still resolved to flying solo in the real world…at least for now. Besides, crushes are more exciting and dramatic when they go unrequited. Like, totally.


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One response to “Love life: Update

  1. Mom

    For a moment, you had me worried:). Love you!

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