Adventures of Bang (er…let’s make that ‘Fringe’) Girl

A couple of people haven’t recognized  me since I’ve had bangs. I don’t particularly think I look that different, but let’s hope it’s a good change. Apparently, they also make me look more approachable. I’ve been working on and off at the same investment bank and since returning this week, 4 people, on seperate occasions, have made the effort to formerly introduce themselves. Whereas before, they just muffled their ‘good mornings’ and ‘helloes’. The only thing that has changed is the bangs. Also, the other day a french guy chased me down after I apparently gave him an inviting look. I swear, it’s not me, it’s the bangs!

There you go. Bangs=cute and approachable.

On a completely different topic, it seems London is making a last ditch attempt at having a summer today. And, of course, I’m wearing thick, grey tights and a long sleeved, black dress. Perfect attire for 30+ weather. Yes, perfect…

That is all.


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