I am not worthy

I’ve worked reception in 5 different offices since starting my life as temp and 1 thing seems to be in common with all of them: the cookies are hidden and/or locked in a cupboard. Every time, every single time, I’m shown the cookies, or biscuits darlings, the regular receptionist makes a comment about having to hide them or else the piggies in the office would eat them all. What they don’t seem to realize is that I’m a piggy. When the 3:00 low blood sugar hits me, I can’t resist the call of the biscuits. A shameless abuse of power, I know, but the¬†temptation is far too much for me to handle. I start out with a couple and then…just a few more. And the next thing I know I’m answering the phone with a mouth full of biscuits and a face covered in chocolate.

Clearly, I am not mature enough to be the biscuit keeper.


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