She Bangs, She bangs!

I cut myself some bangs last Saturday. Like full-on, no turning back, blunt fringe bangs.


I absolutely love them!

The week prior I had my haircut by a professional and when I requested them she talked me out of it and gave me non-committal, long, side bangs instead. They annoyed me, so after drying and straightening my hair on Saturday afternoon I got the scissors out and started cutting. Very cautiously. A little at a time. And the more I cut, the more I liked what I saw.

I now carry an old man comb with me for touch-ups and have a hatred for wind and rain, but I think they’re really fun and flirty. Exactly what I wanted.



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4 responses to “She Bangs, She bangs!

  1. Tony

    I thought for sure this post was going to be about your love life….misleading title.

  2. Rhianydd

    Welcome to the Comb Club! (It’s a bit like Hotel California – you can never leave – because growing out bangs is such a nightmare.) But all the members are awesome!

  3. Teg

    Still no photo!!! Send one soon, k? 🙂

  4. you need to post a photo of your new hair cut! 🙂

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