I knew I would have to jump through some hoops to succeed in my move to London. I was prepared to do so. The problem was, I needed to figure out what these hoops were first.

I think I’ve figured it out, well, one of them.

You need to include a photo with your job applications.

It’s sneaky, and shameless, and something that I wouldn’t  get away with in Canada, but if attaching a flattering photo to my CV to get a call back is what I need to do to get a my foot in the door, then that’s what I’m going to do. I spent 2 whole weeks applying for jobs with no luck. Yesterday, I applied to the same jobs with my photo and BAM! I’ve had three phone calls this morning. All from men, mind you.

That’s one hoop down, now I just need to find the ‘get a sweet job offer hoop’. Once I do, I’m gonna jump straight through.

UPDATE: Um…right. So this sort of sounds like I would do anything for a job. No, no I would not. In case any of you were wondering.


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