Temporary Benefits

One of the benefits of being “Temp” in London is that it forces me to explore many different areas of the city. Most of them are business districts, but some have also been quite touristy areas as well.

 Last week I was in an office building situated right next to the Tower of London and London Bridge. And this week my office is just across the river from famous landmarks like Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. The only downside to this is all of the tourists jamming up the sidewalks and tube station at the end of my work day (darn tourists!). If I had to estimate how many tourists pictures I’ve been in the background of this week, I’d have to say around 1,456,789 and that’s probably on the low side.

 I think I confused a few Londoners this morning when, looking like a business woman, I took out my camera and started snapping tourist shots. I figured it would be the best time to get some good shots without having to compete with the crowds of people. I felt a little silly, but I’d been wanting to get a picture of Big Ben and the House of Parliament all week and today is my last day on the job.

Next week I’m off to an investment bank that I’ve temped at before and then after that, who knows? I do enjoy the variety of temp work, but not knowing whether I’m going to be getting a pay check one week to the next is getting stressful, especially now that I’m going to be paying rent. Crossing my fingers that I get a long-ish contract soon!


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