A Canadian walks into a beer festival…

I’m going to the GBBF, or the Great British Beer Festival, tonight. I was invited by some co-workers at my current temp placement and thought, why not? Could be fun? And educational?

I’m a little worried about going to a Beer festival on a ‘school’ night, but it’s close to home and I’ve already told myself that I will be cut off at the ‘silly drunk’ stage and not let it get to the ‘oh-my-gawd-I’m-so-shmammered-I-could-puke-and-pass-out’ stage. I’ve set my mobile alarm for 9:30PM. It will be my cue to leave. Plus, if I am hurting the next day, I will just blame the people who invited me. Good plan!  

I didn’t mention this in my ‘Guts’ post, but I was invited to a going away extravaganza for the two leaving Aussies from my new flat. It’s a ‘fancy dress’,or costumed event for my North American peeps, and the theme is the best and worst of Britain. Alayne and I are going as Eddy (me) and Patsy (Alayne) from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Picture here.

Basically, I need to poof-ify my hair and Alayne needs to back comb the crap out of her hair and get it in a fluffy french twist. We still need to get some tacky gold costume jewellery and ’80’s style jackets from a thrift store, plastic champagne flutes, and cigarettes to complete the ensembles. Should be a good night. And there will be many pictures. The extravaganza starts on Saturday evening at Loop Bar and extends to the wee hours of Monday morning, which also includes going to ‘the Church’ Sunday morning (not the kind of church you’re thinking of). I think we’ll just make it to the first part. Aussies are way too hardcore for us innocent Canadians.

Please say a little prayer for me tonight for good judgement and an iron stomach.



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4 responses to “A Canadian walks into a beer festival…

  1. Mom

    Have fun BUT take care my love!
    Love you tons and tons and tons!

  2. Nicole

    Noticed you haven’t written today after being at the beer fest. Coincidence? I think not;-)

    love, nicxxx

  3. Bryanna

    Well, I made it to work this morning 🙂

  4. Sean

    try full immersion in the aussie culture. we canadians can definitely give them a run for their money. not that i’m condoning it 🙂

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