The popular breed of dog here appears to be the Pit Bull. This frightens me.

The knobs on the front doors are in the centre of the door. Aesthetic appeal? Yes. Practical? No.

Washing machines take a minimum of two hours for one load. 2 HOURS!  That’s like 4 loads in Canada, or at least at my old apartment where each load was 30 minutes. Also, they’re called ‘dryers’ and they’re wicked convenient. Look into it Britain.

The dairy food items offered here in the grocery stores are so delicious. I’m addicted to Mueller’s Vanilla Custard Rice Pudding. Until my ass turns into a pudding ass, and then Mueller and I are breaking up.

‘Pants’ is British speak for ‘panties’.  When asked if I had suitable business attire at my temp agency, I responded withYes, I have blouses, skirts and pants.no, trousers! I mean trousers!”

‘Cheeky’ is a term I am eager to adopt. As well as, ‘ta’, ‘cheers’, and ‘rubbish’.

I’m still getting used to being asked if I‘m ‘alright’. Like, ‘you alright, yeah?’, which is basically ‘how are you?’, but makes me feel like I don’t look well.

Whereas, Bryanna translates to Britney in Canada, I am now known as Bryony. I actually like it and will sometimes not correct the mistake, which is very cheeky of me.

Pay as you go mobiles are brilliant. I bought a £5 phone and have spent less than £7 on mobile usage since I arrived. I don’t want to sign a cell phone contract ever again. EVER! Look into good pay as you go options Canada. You have two years. Ta!



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3 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Mom

    I don’t know if I should admit that I found your new blog, Bry,–BUT– I think it would be deceitful and an invasion of your privacy if I didn’t. I hope you don’t mind–I guess you’ll have to change it again if you do–sorry:( I’m so happy that you’re writing again! Your entry was very interesting:). Love you tons and tons and tons and tons,

  2. Bryanna

    Um, Mom, didn’t I give you the address? Don’t worry, it will remain Rose Grace appropriate 😉 xx Bry

  3. Mom

    Yes, yes you did, but I thought you might have regretted having done so later:).
    Love, Mom

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