And so,

Here I am. Four weeks since I landed at Gatwick Airport and I’m just now  getting around to writing on my new blog.  My ‘London Blog‘. I guess I should probably explain the new title.  It’s from the movie Bridget Jones‘s Diary. After Daniel Cleaver leaves Bridget  for the American stick figure she decides to “choose vodka and Chaka Khan” instead of bad men. It’s my favourite line from the movie and sums up my thoughts exactly on the subject (of men)I’d rather drink and dance! As a side note, I totally went to visit Bridget’s flat and Borough Market. Her “flat” was completely covered in scaffolding, but it was still a momentous moment and I took a picture anyway.  

Okay, so LONDON. London is beautiful, and cheeky, and maddening, and fantastic all at the same time. I’m both relieved and sad that my comfort level has increased so much in such a short period of time. Part of why I wanted to come here was to be challenged, both emotionally and mentally. But, so far, it’s been quite pleasant, minus a few interesting incidents such as the time an old, greasy man tried to kiss me (on the mouth!) at a pub, but was thwarted by my sister’s hand. She quite literally put her hand in front of my mouth. It is probably the most bizarre thing that has happened to me so far (and the closest I’ve gotten to a snog since I arrivedsad!).  

I don’t feel like giving a complete update on what I’ve been doing since I arrived. I’ve been to markets, pubs, private night clubs, and museums. And now I’ve entered the life as a temp. I’m hoping to get more permanent work soon, but having money going into my account instead of just out, feels great.



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  1. Nicole


    Yeah you’re back – looking forward to reading!

    love, nicxxx

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